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call: (703) 352-2343
email: sticksandstonescircle @ gmail . com

on line readings available from a few of our readers

BUBBLES (Co-Owner)

Bubbles is an eclectic Goddess worshiping Kitchen Witch, a Council Guide for The Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites, a High Priestess of Sisters of the Burning Branch, Circle of the Silver Hive, Contemporary Root Worker, a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition, Sister of The Sanctuary of The Divine Feminine, and a graduate of the American College of Healthcare Sciences, formerly known as Australasian College, with a degree in Herbalism. Her philosophy is to walk gently, find a really cool stick, and share the joy all around!!!! (A little pink and Faery Dust never hurts either) 

Mama Bubbles offers Root Work, psychic readings, Spiritual Consultations, fixing and dressing of candles, custom made oils and herb blends for bath, teas and magic work, setting of Lights, bottle spells, fixing and working with doll babies, creating magical jewelry and talismans, handmade mojo bags/hands, and altar work.

Bubbles can help you either long distance, at Sticks and Stones in Fairfax, Virginia or on site.
Mama Bubbles is available for consultations and readings by appointment.

Mama Bubbles also offers animal energy session. 

Availability:  By appointment

Rate: Full Consultation with Rootwork $135

         Reading Only $75

         Animal Healing/Communication Session $50

         One on one "working/spell" advice" $50

         Soul Retrieval Evaluation $100 (Usual workings $250-$750, 2-6 months)

         Shamanic Reiki Session $75/30 minutes, $135/60 minutes



On line reading with Bubbles


GWENDOLYN (Founding Mother and Co-Owner)

Gwendolyn is a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition and a Celtic Reiki Master, a hereditary wise woman, and she is the founder of Sisters in The Goddess Tree, school of the Divine Feminine. She has also been reading tarot in an intuitive style since 2005. She has a BS from James Madison University and has since worked professionally in the accounting and information technology fields. Her vision for our community is to learn and grow together, respecting all spiritual paths. She has studied many religions and sciences, as well as dance and music, which are all very important to her. Gwendolyn is available for Reiki treatments and all three level attunement classes, as well as tarot readings by appointment on Tuesdays.

Availability: Appointments on Tuesday

Rate: Tarot Reading $45

         Reiki Session $75

On line reading with Gwendolyn



Chandra fancies herself an Eclectic Witch.  She officially began her spiritual path in 1991 when she stumbled into a store known as The Crystal Fox and immediately felt at home.  After taking in all the scents of candles and incense, she felt like a kid in a candy store with all the stones and tarot decks to look at.  She recognized energies calling to her, whispering to her from the book section and grew excited as she read the titles.  Pulling a handful off the shelf and parking herself on the floor, she flipped through pages and pages of information.  Eventually she looked around the shop and thought, "I'm a witch!  And there are others just like me!"  Ever since then she has been a student of the Pagan path, reading, reading, and reading some more.  She attended as many workshops as she could find (they weren't so easy to find in those days) and continues to do so.  She is currently a student in the Goddess School with the Sisters in the Goddess Tree and awaits her certificate as a Reiki Master from Kuan Yin's Gentle Embrace Reiki. You can find her behind the counter or roaming the store on Saturdays.



GrannyMoon is Founder and Mother High Priestess of GoddessSchool, Sisters of the Burning Branch, dedicated to the Feminine Divine. Living in the Washington, DC suburbs, she attended LDS Seminary, Former staff member and student of the Esoteric Theological Seminary, is an ordained Metaphysical Interfaith minister with doctoral degrees in Theology and Divinity, since 1999. She is a current board member of the Northern Virginia Pagan Pride Day, charter member and former counsel and board member of The Order of the White Moon. A scholar of ancient mysteries, Doula, Reiki Master, Herbalist and Lifetime Member of Herbal Healer Academy, Inc. and former VA State Representative A.R.E.N. Alternative Religions Educational Network. She has dedicated her life to the study and teaching of the Esoteric.
We celebrate the Mother - the Full Moon - Mother Earth - Mother Nature - she is in us all - we are in her - we are one! We are ever changing as does the Moon - Feel the Moon - let her fill you up! Join us!


Sandy Adina

Sandy Adina is a psychic, intuitive channeler, and empath with a masters degree in expressive therapies and mental health counseling. Her personal style involves meeting the client at where they’re at with her individualized readings. Though sensitive to her clients and the emotional undercurrents of situations, Sandy is also a straight-shooter; believing an honest approach works best, she tells clients what they truly need to hear. One of Sandy's specialties is her "Timeline of the Soul" reading, where you can know which lessons you came here to learn, which abilities you are here to acquire or express, and more! Sandy will tune in to your soul’s timeline, and help you identify your purpose in this life.

Availability:  One Sunday a month, Appointments and Walk In's welcome, call for schedule

Rates: Half Hour $50, One Hour, $85


Damion Crane

Would you like to be proactive on your path? A good reading will give answers, a great reading will help you find better questions.

How much do you want your story to rock, how intriguing, exciting, or powerful would you like your life to be?

I have seen Tarot open eyes to new possibilities, enable new thinking and challenge deeply held assumptions. I have seen it open ways to love and delight, and I’ve also seen it grab people by the ear and say “Pay Attention!” Everyone has a story, a mask and a shadow, and the power and symbols of the tarot help us uncover and embrace them, guiding you to drop your illusions and point you to your true self, and the life you incarnated to live. Our time together will take as long as it needs to to explore the sacred moment and a dialogue with the living oracle of the tarot.  I’ve been a reader for a few years now, and every draw of the cards is still as fresh as the first, and I enjoy reading for the curious newcomers as well as the seasoned seekers. Damion.
Availability:  Thursdays and Fridays, Appointments and Walk In's

Rates:  $45





We have been called many names!
Metaphysical, New Age, Gift Shop, Hippie, Earthy, Tree-Hugger, Spiritual, Goddess,
Celtic, Pagan, Witch, Wicca, Wise Women, just to name a few...
Native Americans, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Pagans, Hinduists, and  Celts... all use affirmations, prayers, rituals and magic in their daily pratices. Imagine a connection (similar to a web) through invisible threads, all of which are connected with each other. Any wind, or any vibration on that web, will make waves that will influence the whole. This is how the Spirit works, and this is the magical tradition behind all religions. The Spirit is very powerful.

...No matter what you call us, you are welcome in our circle.


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