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February 2012 Blog Posts (9)

Getting Wyrd with Tarot ~ 2/13 A Call to Action.

 Today he rears his head, the Shadowscapes Knight of Swords, which has come to mean to me lately work related leadership, setting direction, and after the weekend, he's a welcome companion in several challenging communications I have chosen to deliver tomorrow based upon his ride. Sword drawn, Monday begins with a charge! …


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Getting Wyrd with Tarot 2-8 ~ Nurture Time

The Shadowscapes Queen of Pentacles is stunning to me,  powerful yet kind, she's offering a token, a little leaf as a reminder that she is there and willing to lend her support.  

Today would be a great day to honor her by lending a little energy/spirit boost to others whom you admire, or appreciate.   There are quite a few authors and creators whom I feel very grateful for and today is going…


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Co-Owers and Product Creators:  Deanne Donovan & Mia Archer-Shee...GoddessCreations is a woman owned small business.  We are just starting up...and very appricative of being part of this community!

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Getting Wyrd with the Tarot~ eyes on the horizon

This, to me, is a very militaristic card, sentinels posed on the border, alert.  The leader has his mount in check, head tucked back, he's not charging ahead, he's waiting..vigilant, keeping his power in reserve.  Today's draw is the 9 of wands from the Shadowscapes Tarot.

Since I am…


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About Leap Year!

There are 12 months in the Gregorian calendar (the current standard calendar for most of the world). A common year consists of 365 calendar days as opposed to a leap year which has 366 days. A Leap Day is added nearly every 4 years to the Gregorian calendar. However, a Leap Day is not added EVERY 4 years - 3 criteria need to be met. For most Leap Years, a popular children's rhyme holds true:

        Thirty days hath September,

        April, June, and November;



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Excitement and joy

It's an hour before my free Meet and Greet at Sticks and Stones. A great deal of high energy is flowing through me this morning. This should be a fun and fantastic experience for all. I am excited to begin my new journey here at Sticks and Stones, and I look forward to seeing everyone this afternoon.

Love and joy to all.

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Getting Wyrd with the Tarot 2-3 ~ New Horizons.

Today we see the Three of wands from the Shadowscapes Tarot and wow, the trip from this pinnacle looks daunting.  She's standing there, the way marked by the staves of those who have passed before,  looking off into the distance, and it looks quite a journey.  New Horizons await, but man that horizon is a loooooong way off...…


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Getting Wyrd with Tarot 2-1~ Groundhog Free!

I admit this card confused me.  The Wyrd, the web of fate that intertwines all things in Anglo Saxon cosmology is both fixed (fate happens) and mutable in that we can shape it, influence it and participate in the weaving of the web.   Today, the draw was the Knight of Swords from Shadowscapes Tarot …


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How Can A Groundhog Predict The End Of Winter?

It’s Groundhog Day and the furry, kind-of-cute groundhog is in the news.

Groundhogs clearly aren’t related to pigs or hogs—so what exactly are they?

The groundhog (also known as a woodchuck or Eastern Marmot) is actually a large, ground-dwelling rodent and is part of family of ground squirrels known as marmots.

Groundhogs are lowland creatures and are common in the northeastern and central United States, found as far north as eastern…


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