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May 2009 Blog Posts (5)

Dragons and People

People and dragons have a long history together. The world over, people have told of friendly dragons bringing rain or ancient ones creating the cosmos. Until recently, people believed that they could actually go out and see the dragons. When the scientists started measuring Nature’s secrets, the dragons disappeared. However, they simply chose to remain out of sight. Today the dragons choose to reveal themselves to those who seek them with an open… Continue

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The Goddess Tree Grows *HAWTHORN

From Roots to Leaves, Branches to Bark

The Goddess Tree Grows



Crataegus oxyacantha

The May Tree

Sixth month of the Celtic Tree calendar, May 13th - June 9

Sixth consonant of the Ogham alphabet - Huath

Hawthorn is burned to purify,

and draw faery to your eye.

Planet: Mars and Venus

Symbolism: Purification, sacred marriage and… Continue

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Finding the time

How do we find the time to dedicate to ourselves when we've dedicated so much to our friends/family that there isn't much left to ourselves?

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Dragons Around the World

Mandarin Chinese: Lung (Loong) (Wade-Giles Romanization)

The Lung is the stereotypical Oriental dragon. Long and snake-like, the Lung has four claws and carries a pearl. According to traditional lore, this dragon has the head of a camel, horns of a deer, ears of an ox, eyes of a devil, neck of a snake, belly of a clam, scales of a fish, talons of an eagle, and paws of a tiger. A Lung often starts as a snake and go through a series of changes before becoming a… Continue

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Beltane Blessings and Appreciation to all

Many Thanks to everyone for stopping by and chatting with us since our grand opening. There are so many friendly and talented people close by! We feel honored and blessed to be here. And so much has changed already in our first two weeks... (read on!)

Make sure to stop by on Wednesday and Thursday eve­nings, and on the weekends for a reading with Kevin Baird, messages from the other side. For more info and Kevin’s bio, visit his website:

WE NOW… Continue

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