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August 2009 Blog Posts (8)

Creating A Medicine Wheel

A glimpse into my classes on the Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheels are places to pray, meditate, contemplate and become one with the universe. They become our sacred place, helping us to strengthen our connection to the universe. They help us bridge the gap between the spirit world and the physical world, bringing harmony to both through us. The general Medicine Wheel has 36 (thirty six) stones. Each stone is a “tool” to help us understand ourselves in relation to the universe.… Continue

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Insomnia sharing on the New Moon in nowhere, TX =))

Just sending out good vibes cuz I have too many right now! Lol. Seriously, I'm in nowhere, TX (it's close to Ok, Ark & La in that little corner of TX) & it's pitch black after a series of storms (I'm used to city lights) so the energy is beautiful. I'm here helping my mother by making her booty go to the doctor(been years-sigh) & thus brought her groceries, etc. so she can't complain she can't afford it. I know she has a few skin cancers that need be removed-we're redheads-it… Continue

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Discovering Your Animal Teachers (2 of 2)

"Wisdom from Australian Animals" Deck: Goanna

A brief taste of what is in store for folks taking my class in September!

A popular way of finding out what animals want to be your friend or offer you advice is by using animal cards. Since it is restricted to a few animals, this method has limitations. However, it is a good beginning for learning how animals speak to people. People who enjoy working with the Tarot… Continue

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Glad to know the Hippies are still around

Those of us who were in the counter-culture of the 60s have become Pagans and hang out on the Internet. In the 60s I had mixed feelings about the flower children of the late 60s going into the early 70s. I liked taking showers and baths, still do. Why is it that as you age the site of your chief pleasures changes from the bedroom to the bathroom? Taking a good dump and following it with a shower and self-grooming session can improve the tenor of your whole day. They do for me, anyway.I also… Continue

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Discovering Your Animal Teachers: Intro (1)

(Wombat by Mary Ann Sterling)

Animals have their own special wisdom and messages that they would like to share with people. Some animals want to be people’s life companions (Animals of the Heart) while others wish to accompany people on a part of their journey (Animals of the Way.) As people start to listen to these animals, they begin to understand the truths about their lives.

Many people refer to these animals as “power”,… Continue

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The Great Round of Life

A glimpse into my class in October at Sticks and Stones: Riding the Medicine Wheel

The Great Round

Ancient peoples perceived the world as the Great Round. Observing the cycles of the sun and moon, they viewed time as a circle. In fact the ancient Greeks called the changing stars of the sky: "The Circle of Animals", commonly known today as the Zodiac.

In the Great Round, there is the coming of Heroes and the… Continue

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My Week of Dragon Sightings

In tracking any dragons that I saw in a week, I decided not to include my dragon collection. (That alone contains classic dragons, dragonets, a sea serpent, and a wyvern.) I wanted to find out if dragons appeared in other places. I was pleasantly surprised.

Date: June 20, 2009

Place: Supermarket Parking Lot. On a company truck: Tyson Land Excavation.

Description: Red, bat wings, four legs, and a pointed tail.

Type: Classic

Notes: I think the company wanted… Continue

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The Goddess Tree Grows *Hazel

From Roots to Leaves, Branches to Bark

The Goddess Tree Grows



Hazel, the tree of wisdom and learning,

Adds its strength to the bright fire burning.

Green Man Tree Oracle


Tree of Knowlege

Ninth month of the Celtic Tree calendar, August 5th - September 1st

Ninth consonant of the Ogham alphabet - Coll

Planet:… Continue

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