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August 2012 Blog Posts (5)

Your Geomantic Forecast, 8/26 through 9/2

Hey all!  Hope this past week went well for you!  I didn't have a chance to get this posted earlier since I forgot my laptop, but here's your weekly forecast for August 26 through September 2!  The Mothers for this week were the Boy, Joy, Gain, and Prison, which show that:

Overall:  It's a slow start this week with some delays, but things will start to turn up and turn fast.  Expect good times and advancements this week.  Things will be especially helpful at the workplace or…


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Your Geomantic Forecast, 8/19 through 8/26

Hey all!  I'm one of the newer readers at Sticks and Stones, and also their first geomancer.  Geomancy is an ancient form of divination that makes use of sixteen earth-based figures, each representing an alchemical state of the universe.  It's pretty flexible, and very clear and detailed in its answers to almost any query.  To help with spreading the good word about this classic system of knowledge, I'm starting a weekly blog post, "Your Geomantic Forecast", that shows generally what you can…


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An Overview of Geomantic Literature

Over on the Geomantic Campus mailing list, there’s been a bit of talk about a new (gasp!) book on geomancy,“Astrogem Geomancy” by Les Cross.  The book was just released this summer, and proposes a new cross between crystallomancy, geomancy, and astrology.  It uses the traditional sixteen geomantic figures and the astrological framework we all love, but…


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Intros and Miscellany

Hey, all!  I'm Sam, a.k.a. polyphanes, and I'm one of the readers at Sticks and Stones!  It's fantastic to actually meet you all in person, and I'm glad to have the chance to do so.

So, a bit about me.  I'm a ceremonial magician working in the Western Mystery Tradition, the collection of rituals, philosophies, and techniques that generally fall under the Hermetic label.  I'm not a strict by-the-book Solomonic magician, nor am I a chaote or freeform sorcerer, but I can be pretty…


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Crock Pot - Pulled Pork Tacos

I typed this up in May and kept telling myself to take pictures the next time I make it... and kept forgetting to take those darn pictures!

My mother served us pulled pork tacos one night.  She threw pork loin, salsa & chopped green chiles into her crock pot and let it simmer.  It was very tasty but I wanted to kick it up a bit so I added some seasoning to get that yummy flavor I love about well…


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