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September 2011 Blog Posts (6)

Northern Va Pagan Pride Day on Saturday Oct 1

Check this out - for tomorrow! Bubbles will be teaching a free Herb workshop at 11:am, and she will be giving away free sticks and stones! …

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The Meanings of Fingers

One of the reasons I love the term hand analysis versus palmistry to describe my work is that it takes into consideration everything in a hand.  Although palmistry is a more commonly recognized term, it can lead the uninitiated to believe that the focus is exclusively on the palm and the lines.


In reality, to get to the heart of what's happening for you now, you'll want to look at everything, and especially your fingers.


Each finger has it's own meaning and…


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How Your Hands Reflect Your Body

There's a bit of education that happens when people come to me for a reading.  See, I'm not a predictive palmist.  While that's what you may have been expecting based on the prevalence of the neon-lighted readers and TV, that's just not who I am.  Frankly, most people are relieved once they hear that.


Don't you feel empowered knowing that you have free will and that your actions and thoughts can literally change the direction of your life (and the…


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Free Will vs. Fate - Why I'm NOT the Palmist who Predicts the Future

This debate - free will versus fate is as old as the ancient traditions I figure.

It comes up regularly when people find out that my source of income is derived from reading people's hands to help them leap into their exceptional life.


There are those that tell me, "I'd never want to know what my future holds, don't look at my hands!" and those that stick their hands in my face, inches from my nose and insist, "So what do you see?  Am I going to be…


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"Adoration for Pomona" (in the month of the apple tree) by Scott B. Stewart

This month, this season

we will gather under the apple tree

as Autumn dawns upon the earth

to pray under the apple tree

so dear to Pomona's heart.

Dear and wise Pomona, we invoke thee

in the sacred month of your apple tree

to bring forth…

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The Value of a Group

I've learned a lot over the last 6 months at Sticks and Stones (S&S).  The best thing for me is being part of a group.  I was mostly alone before--alone in abilities, alone in learning about them, alone in being able to talk about the subject (as in "Nobody").

Here, I'm with others like me.  I can talk about what I'm learning, about experiences, and experiencing others as they use their gifts while learning.  Its really good to find friends, to find it's OK for me to be totally…


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