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September 2012 Blog Posts (9)

Upcoming Geomancy Classes!

Hey all!  I apologize for missing out on Sunday and messing up my still-new series of Weekly Geomantic Forecasts, but I had to be out of town for a few days.  Now I'm catching up and gathering some last-minute materials and topics for my upcoming geomancy courses!

In these courses, you'll learn about this ancient, arcane, and awesome art of divination:

  • What geomancy is and is not
  • History of geomancy
  • Basic figure meanings, groupings, and associations with…

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An Ancient Babylonian Diviner’s Prayer

A while back, I recall hearing about a collection of Babylonian and Assyrian poetry and prayers being made public by some university or other, along with recordings of them being said aloud in their original tongue, long extinct though it was.  It was awesome, but I left it behind, not really having much to do with it besides it sounding really cool.  More recently, while I was enjoying myself on a weekend night, I was talking to a…


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Ancient Egyptian Protection Talismans

At a recent gem show, which had dealers of all kinds of cultures peddling all kinds of wares, shinies, and pretties, I picked up a nifty little container, a small metal canister that fits together snugly and near watertight with a few loops to hold a chain or strap. It can hold a few small objects, like a charm bag, but since the stall I got it at stocked mostly Tibetan or northern Indian things, I figure it’s a scroll canister. I’m making use of it by tying a strap through the loops to keep…


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Mercury Election Ritual!

In astrology, there are certain times when the stars align just right (to use the cliche saying) and a certain planet gets a major power boost.  These moments are called elections, and are perfect for doing enchantments, magic, or worship for a particular force of the cosmos.  This morning I had fun with a really powerful Mercury election involving Mercury exactly conjunct the Sun, and got out a few of my tools and some candles and really took advantage of the ritual.  Since Mercury is among…


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Your Geomantic Forecast, 9/9 through 9/16

Hey all!  Hope this past week went well for you!  Here's your weekly geomantic forecast from September 9 through September 16.  The Mothers for this week were the People, Sorrow, the Lesser Fortune, and the Head of the Dragon, which show that:

Overall: Lots of previous activity and events are settling down and being left in the past; this is a time of transition and getting settled into a new way of living.  Though you might be leaving things behind, there is gain in your…


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Can you believe it's September 2012 already?

Dear Friends,


Every day we are so thankful for our community, especially how open and giving you all are. So first of all, we want to thank you for the support and care you've shown to those in our area in their times of need. We will continue to collect food for people and pets, assuring you that they are being delivered to those in our area. And thank you for…


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Your Geomantic Forecast, 9/2 through 9/9

Hey all!  Hope this past week went well for you!  Now that the summer's wrapping up and September is here, the weather is starting to cool off but the year's activities are really starting to heat up.  Here's your weekly geomantic forecast from September 2 through September 9.  The Mothers for this week were Loss, the Dragon's Tail, the Dragon's Tail again, and the Boy, which show that:

Overall: Lots of activity, and new things abound anywhere you look!  What's been going on…


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Upcoming classes at Sticks and Stones!

Now that I’m doing weekly divination readings at the bookstore, I’ve been willingly corralled into offering workshops and classes for the public.  Being one of the few ceremonial magicians and geomancers on the East Coast, I’ve got a lot of experience and knowledge under my belt (though by no means enough) to share around with folks willing enough to hear me out and pay a small-but-reasonable fee, about $30 per class.  With that in mind, here’s my teaching schedule for the rest of 2012.  All…


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Review: Les P. Cross, “Astrogem Geomantic Divination”

After weeks of waiting, I got the newest and supposedly revolutionary book on geomancy, Les P. Cross’ “Astrogem Geomantic Divination”.  It’s a self-published book written by Mr. Cross, and cost GBP £20 not including shipping.  It has an elegantly simple cover, marked with the Sun above a traditional square chart design and the Moon below, in a matte black and yellow cover.  No spine text, and the back text just has…


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