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Happy New Year Blessings to you!


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A Book of Remembrance

Greetings All, 

No matter where we come from, what our beliefs are, our race, creed, or color, sexual orientation or religious background, we all share two things in common: Birth and Death. Birth is celebrated and remembered by all. Death is experience and mourned, and then we move on. One way to live forever is by having your memory kept alive. 

We have been called to start and keep a Book of Remembrance. A place of immortality. It will…


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What's New in 2015?

Hello and Happy 2015!

As we settle in, we are thankful for the New Beginnings as we enter our 7th year in business!

Just a few mentions for this upcoming month:

We are thrilled to offer a great new workshop :Astrology, The Soul of your Being with Misty Kuceris on February 12, 2015 7-9pm.  Misty is offering…


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Ancestral Altar, Samhain 2013

Thank you all who participated in our Ancestral Altar this Samhain. As you can see, the Goddess Herself hand delivered our leaves to our Ancestors...…


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February 2013!

Hello to all those in our amazing and wonderful community!

We are having a special, just for you! We've got some beautiful sterling silver jewelry, cloaks, and clothing we are offering at 13% off (specially marked items)! And for being a part of our online family, CLI…


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Can you believe it's September 2012 already?

Dear Friends,


Every day we are so thankful for our community, especially how open and giving you all are. So first of all, we want to thank you for the support and care you've shown to those in our area in their times of need. We will continue to collect food for people and pets, assuring you that they are being delivered to those in our area. And thank you for…


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New Readers, meetups, and workshops Oh My!

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to say HI and let you know of a few new things going on coming up at the store. 
We have two new readers: Alicia on Saturdays and Sam on Sundays! You can come by and meet them during the "Meet and Greets" we've scheduled:…

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Giving Thanks - We are Closed November 24, 2011

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Northern Va Pagan Pride Day on Saturday Oct 1

Check this out - for tomorrow! Bubbles will be teaching a free Herb workshop at 11:am, and she will be giving away free sticks and stones! …

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Belili, Willow, Marsh Mallow

This month began the New Moon Cycle of Belili, Sumerian White Goddess. Beli "white," bellus "beautiful," bile "sacred tree." Originally, every tree was hers, but above all she was known as a willow goddess, and also of wells, springs, love, and the underworld. Her shrine is …

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Happy 2011 (AND Happy Birthday Bubbles!)


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Sound effects sold separately

Happy April to you! Can you believe it? We are coming up on our…

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Happy Baba Marta Day!

Baba Marta means "Grandmother March" and is celebrated in Bulgaria. She has contrasting moods, (not unlike the weather during the Month of March) therefore most of the customs connected to her are aimed at pleasing her and making her happy, in hopes she will respond with sunny and warm… Continue

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Have you been doing your "No Snow" Spells?


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Warm wishes for a prosperous New Year!

Blessings to all! We hope this January finds you well (and warm... we've got Yemeya plugged in, keeping the water hot for a cuppa to share with you.)

We are in the month of the Birch Tree, who's association is with beginnings and who reminds us to make the most of our opportunity to begin again, ensuring a great conclusion. Read more about Birch here.

At Sticks and Stones, our calendar is filling up - so please check it out and sign up for some great classes! Currently we… Continue

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Have a Cool Yule!

As you celebrate this wonderful December, we would like to wish you prosperity as we get closer to the New Year.

Just a note to remind you to check our Calendar to see what's happening at the store this month. We have felting workshops, Herb of the Month club, and a Psychic Development class. Our drum circle this month is on Wednesday the 30th. Also, in the spirit of gift-giving, we are having a tarot swap with our Practical Tarot meet-up on Sunday Dec 20 at 2:pm - so bring your used… Continue

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Food Drive for the homeless

Sticks and Stones and The Order of the Black Hat are collecting canned food for the homeless.... if you can spare a can of food, please bring it to the store and we will make sure it's delivered in time for Thanksgiving!

Thank you

Gwendolyn, Lorelei, GrannyMoon

Sticks and Stones, Main Street Center, 9970 Main Street, Fairfax VA 22031, (703)352-2343

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Blessings and Thanks!

November is upon us, and we are busy planning and stocking up for the winter. We’ve only just begun, finding great treasures to share with you! We also wanted to thank you… we feel so blessed and grateful for your visits, enjoy your company, appreciate your support and all you share with us. So a great big THANK YOU for helping us make it this far. You bring us joy, and we wish you the same and more!

We hope you enjoy this month of Broom, which falls at the end of the Celtic year.… Continue

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Just wanted you to be the first to know.....

....that we now have beautifully made cloaks (just in time for Samhain!)

We currently only have 4 lined cloaks in black/purple, black/black, green/green, and purple/black: This striking piece is a long, hooded cloak made from a velvet material (fairly lightweight) and then entirely lined in satin, including the hood. It has shaped shoulders and closes in front with a long tie made from the same black velvet material as the body of the cloak. The cloak lining is fully attached along… Continue

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Autumn Blessings!

Greetings and blessings to all our friends, and how happy we are to be entering into the month of October!

Most of October has us in the Celtic month of Ivy. Ivy symbol­izes the wandering of the soul….and reminds us to be certain of our direction to ensure our progress as the darkness falls. (Click here for a dedication to Ivy) May you find joy in the changing of the season, and peace in the cool autumn… Continue

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