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Let Go, Trust, and Be At Peace -by Star West ✭

Today’s reading comes from Indigo Angel, Archangel Michael and HEALING WITH THE ANGELS decks.

Once again the Apologize card has come up. Because he is so inwardly focused, I always feel the most important person to apologize to and forgive here is yourself.  This card is also about humility and even though it may not be your fault, you are asked to apologize for the sake of peace in this situation. Detach and do not take it personally. Call upon Archangel Michael for help with detaching and ask him to cut toxic cords and any attachment to fear and drama. Release all that no longer serves you. You may need to leave an unhealthy situation or relationship. Clear your energy and be at peace. Trust Heaven, God, your Angels and guides, and especially yourself.

About Star West

Angel Oracle Card Reader & Messenger-- I am available for private readings. If you would like to schedule one, or have any questions or comments whatsoever, please use the form on my contact page to contact me directly.

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