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Pick The Path Of The Most Love – By Star West ★


Today’s reading comes from Archangel Michael Oracle Cards and Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards. Click on the picture and notice what feelings come to you. This is a message about deciding what you truly want, focusing on it, intending it, and trusting that it already is. Archangel Michael is guiding you towards your life purpose. Affirm that your dreams are already a reality. Visualize that you already have the work of your dreams and all your needs are provided for. Trust the excitement you feel when you think about it. This is a sign that you’re on the right path. Keep going. Release your fears and doubts in exchange for peace. Trust that the Angels have been working behind the scenes to resolve the situation you are asking about, and all is healed,  all is well. In order to keep things flowing, it is important to make a clear decision about what you want. If you are being presented with different options, pick the one that makes your heart sing, and brings the most love to all concerned. Pick the path of the most love.


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