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We are now in the New Moon Cycle of MORRIGAN

Goddess of the Sea, Great Queen of Fate

She is affiliated with the letter N, nion, ASH. The ash is sacred to Posidion, god of the sea. It is considered the tree of sea-power, and the power resident in water. This Moon usually occurs in March, the month of floods.

Morrigan was capable of assuming the form of a raven, and was often invoked during battle to bring death to the enemy.
She is a triple Goddess of battle, strife, and fertility and she reigns over Destruction and Creation. Her name means “Great Queen,” “Phantom Queen.” She also was a prophet and a shape-shifter, frequently appearing as a hooded crow, and the raven of battle. sometimes uncomfortable, unpredictable and frightening aspects of feminine energy. She is associated with Morgan le Faye and Mary Magdalene.


Pray Peace


from Moon Bee Acres

There is a branch for you to sit upon with a beautiful view.
Climb up into her arms, and stay for a spell.
Feel her roots, her bark, her branches, her leaves.
She is shade, shelter, a home, a hide-away.
She is an escape.
She rocks you to sleep in your hammock.
She holds up your birdfeeder, your wind chimes, and your decorations.
She embraces anyone who loves to climb.
In the spring she offers life, and in the fall she gives her own.
She does not judge.
She just is.



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