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Annie is a hereditary witch with a focus on cajun herbalism. With roots deep in the swamp, she feels the most at home in the bayous and the rivers. She is passionate about animal welfare, the ocean, and coffee. She loves to knit, play with dead things, and talk to the crows. You'll see Annie here at the counter with a smile on her face, always ready to help if you have any questions. Annie makes customized herbal medicine bags starting at $25. And she is offering intuitive oracle readings every Wednesday - 15 minutes $25, 30 minutes $45, 1 hour $80


Darren Bucare is an Aururvedic Palmistry Expert, Tarot Card Reader/Educator, Interactive Meduim, Past Life Regressionist, A Spiritual Consultant and a Spiritual Worker. He has spent all his young life as an empath and a medium.  He reached his late teens deciding to immerse himself in the teachings of Edgar Cayce, Hermes Trigemestrus and many other educators in the art of somnambulism or mediumship. He studied metaphysics and attended courses in Auyurvedic Palmistry in Quebec and Vermont. this spring-boarded him into starting his professional career at 22 with Tarot and Vedic Palm Consultations.  Darren relocated to Savannah GA, training with Christia Cummings-Slack in Interactive Mediumship.  Darren was soon featured on A&E and played an integral role in the vibrant Savannah Paranormal Research and Spiritualist Community. Touching down in New Orleans Darren was mentored in Palo Mayumbe and many Yoruba based Diospora.  These religions connect with the powerful and benevolent forces of the African Continent.  Darren is available for readings here on Fridays and Saturdays. 30 minute: $80, 1 hour: $145, consultations: $60

Appointments and walk-ins welcome.

Check the calendar for his workshops. Click here for his profile!

Illara Silverbreeze: WEEKENDS

IllaraSilverbreeze is an eclectic grey witch with 30 years on the path who has been reading tarot since age 16. She is a Priestess of The Sisters of the Burning Branch, Order of the Silver Hive and will soon be a High Priestess of the Sisters of the Burning Branch and The Path of Shadow and Light.
Readings available: Short readings with a layout that intuitively fit the question for 45$, about 20 minutes. Longer readings that cover 3 phases: big picture, next month and wheel of the year for 75$. Crystal guidance, Life purpose Guidance as additional draws on a reading - 5$ each. Crystal readings (similar to casting bones) cover 3 phases: big picture, next month and wheel of the year for 75$. Consultation for workings, guidance to complete your own magical working based off our reading- $15. Magical workings performed on your behalf: 15$ consultation, custom fee for working based off level of detail needed. Supplies purchased by you after consultation or by Illara (can be figured into the cost of the working).


Jeff has spent a lifetime studying the history and mystery of the Tarot since receiving his first deck at the age of 12. He has been reading professionally for over a decade.The Tarot is a tool for looking at the past, the present, and the future, and Jeff's intuitive readings use the rich imagery of the cards as a starting point to help clients get to the heart of the matter. Jeff is available on the first Sunday of each month, 30 minutes: $60, 1 hour: $100  Click here for his profile!


Jhada Addams has over eleven years as a crowned priestess of Yemaya in the African Diasporic religion of La Regla de Ocha/Lucumi, has been speaking with the dead since the age of 5 and started working as an active possesive medium/horse for spirit at the age of 17. Engaging with spirit in mild possession, she remains aware during trance, but her body and voice are actively used by spirit to both convey messages and heal people, as well as working in tandem to drive out negative entities from both people and residences.

As a medium working for a paranormal team in Pennsylvania, she has worked cases where heavy poltergeist activity had been reported and where the occupants of a building were actively in danger of being hurt. 
Her divination methods are both Diloggun (oracular reading by way of utilizing cowrie shells sacred to the Orishas) and Ancestral Bone Readings. She is available for readings on 1 or 2 Saturdays a month, and teaches workshops as well! check our calendar for more information.   Click here for her profile!
DILOGGUN: $75 The Diloggun is an oracle of sixteen sacred cowrie shells that are cast twice to generate one of 256 patterns, or Odu, each composed of two Letras (letters). This oracle allows the Orisha to communicate with the diviner to provide guidance and information to keep the client aligned on their personal path of spiritual growth.
Once the Odu/Letter for the reading has been determined, further questions are then asked in order to gain more perspective and information on the Odu/Letter cast. This is done through a series of yes/no questions, during which the shells indicate an affirmative or negative to the question posed. These questions determine whether the client needs to be made aware of blessings that are coming to them or if there are difficulties/obstructions that lay ahead. The source and nature of either is determined through the questions asked of the oracle by the diviner.
By the end of the reading, the client will have an overview of all the energies present in their life so that they are then better able to either move quickly to obtain the blessings laying before them, or to best avoid the obstacles or negative energy patterns in their path.
This is a fairly involved reading, and the client is urged to record the messages presented because of this. It is important for the client to follow the remedies given strictly and as quickly as possible in order for maximum benefit to be obtained.
Due to the intense nature of this type of reading, The Diloggun reading usually takes an hour, sometimes longer.
ANCESTRAL BONE READING: $50 Using a method based on Kongo cosmology, the Ancestral Bone reading is done on a colorful, patterned cloth, in which there are multiple sections. The diviner casts a selection of different items on the cloth, and depending on where the items land, as well as their orientation (whether they fall right side up, or down) the diviner is able to obtain helpful messages for the client about ancestral spirits that need attention, about possible obstacles in the client's life or beneficial things that are coming to pass that the client needs to be aware of in order to act upon them. 


Reverend John Marani has been studying the tarot since 1989. He began his professional tarot practice in 2005, and is a Certified Tarot Master from the Tarot Certification Board of America. John is the former Head High Priest of the Tradition of the Witches Circle, and also holds the title of High Priest of Tarot. He teaches astrology, tarot and other metaphysical disciplines, and is a regular attendees at psychic fairs and other events.

John received his Certificate of Astrological Proficiency from the Midwest School of Astrology in June 2018, and will continue to pursue additional certifications in astrology. He is a past contributor to the American Tarot Association's Quarterly Journal, a publication for its members covering a wide range of tarot and tarot-related topics. He presents regularly at the State of the Art (SOTA) Astrology conference in Buffalo, NY.

John is an ordained Minister with the Ministry of Light Interfaith Church in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is licensed to perform marriages here in the Commonwealth. For more information about ministry services, contact John at or at 703-829-3273.

John published his first book, In Their Own Words: The Major Arcana of the Tarot, in October 2016. It is available via Amazon, signed copies directly from John's website, from here at Sticks and Stones, and at select in-person events. His second book is in the works!

In his spare time, John is an avid astrologer, Dungeon Master, and die-hard computer and console gamer. He can be found on Facebook (hierophanttarot and JohnMaraniTarot), and Twitter (@JohnMaraniTarot)

John's basic reading is $50, and he teaches workshops on astrology as well - check the calendar for more information.  Click here for his profile!


Q’ero Shamanic practitioner since 2008 with the following initiations into Andean Cosmology: Pampamesayoq (Steward of the Earth), Altomesayoq (Practitioner of the People’s Medicine),
Munay Ki Rites, Hatun Karpay, and Munay Karpay. Usui Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher. Shadow walker. Deeply claircognizant, with extensive experience doing professional intuitive readings since 2009. Can facilitate the following: divination/intuitive readings, harmony restoration, chakra realignment, past life regressions, soul retrievals, intrusion/entity/attachment removal and illumination, curse reversal, extraction, ancestral healing, distance healing, and specialized ritual and ceremony. Is highly eclectic bringing in influences from a myriad of traditions  including, but not limited to: Andean Cosmology, Rootwork, Ozark folk medicine, Seidr, Reiki, “Traditional”  Witchcraft, Kitchen Witchery, Celtic Ancestral Knowledge, Norse Ancestral Knowledge, Hellenism, among many others. Has extended experience teaching adults in a learning and development environment. Has extensive knowledge of use and application of adult learning principles and training methods. Services available: Soul Retrievals, Chakra Realignment, Harmony Restorations, Past Life Regressions, Seque Line Activations, Attachment Removal, Light Body Cleansing, Crystal Healing, Usui Reiki... 

Consultations/Intuitive readings: 30 minutes $75, 1 hour $130


Oz Tombakoglu is a very strong Energy Intuitive, and some have called him a Medicine Man. Oz has been communicating with animals and giving people intuitive messages since he was a young child. He is here offering readings, and he uses cards as his tool. $45 for 30 minutes, $80 for 1 hour. 


Tina aka Shishi is a practicing eclectic witch and reader. She was drawn to the pagan realm due to her gifts and her love for magick and the mystical world. She reads oracle cards, tarot cards, past lives, the pendulum, and pictures. She has been reading for over 10 years and loves it. Her great great grandmother was a Native American healer and spiritualist, and her aunt is a eclectic spiritualists and supports her growing in the craft.

Shishi has designed many spreads to help people align their thoughts and emotions and to help make decisions for their life. Craft wise she makes jewelry, spell candles, and candle holders. She lives with her two calico cats Sofie and Hannah and is thrilled to be a member of Sticks and Stones.  $25 for 15 minutes, $65 for 30 minutes, $95 for 1 hour. She also offers a 12 month into the future reading for $125, Spiritual Medium readings for $105,    Click here for her profile!


Coming from a lineage of intuitives and Psychics, Willie began her journey 20 years ago. Willie is a tremendous, evidential, Certified Psychic Medium trained under the rigorous requirements through the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. 
Willie is fearlessly authentic with her gifts of Clairvoyant, Clairaudience and Clairsentient and will connect directly to Spirit with the assistance of her Spirit Guides, Angels and Ancestors. 
Willie does not take credit for her abilities, as she knows there is a higher energy at hand, as you will hear Willie say, "she is only the interpreter".
Willie is down to earth, easy to talk to, honest and non-judgmental. Willie does not sugar coat her messages, as authenticity and integrity is her mantra.
Messages given are in a clear, and detailed manner in order for you, the client to recognize and appreciate their significance. 
Willie has demonstrated her skills with personal readings as well as platform (large) groups.
Willie radiates her beautiful energy into each reading, and will hand-deliver the detailed answers you are searching for!
"Be Authentic, celebrate YOU!" Willie is available for readings on Thursdays 5pm, $75 for 30 minutes, $135 for 1 hour.

My name is Yolanda and I am here to assist you on your journey whether that is in love, finances, finances or your spiritual journey. I am here to help you in the best possible way that I can. As a reader I cannot guarantee any predictions made; but I can assure you that you have the power and will to make YOUR reality and CREATE the outcome you want.

I have been giving intuitive messages since 2010 free lance. From 2015 to present I have expanded into using Tarot and Oracle. I began sharing my gift outside of my circle by way of Social Media for 1 year and YouTube for the last 4-5 months and I never plan on going back. Being able to serve those in need of guidance has been the most rewarding experience in my human existence and I look forward to bringing you the guidance needed whether good or bad news my clients always leave feeling happy and motivated to make a difference.
I ask that you please take your reading as it resonates. What may not resonate now may become clear in the future. I would also like to add that my readings are timeless and I encourage you to follow the ebb and flow, let go and allow spirit to work.
I cannot predict pregnancy but if I see the signs I will share, (No guarantee). I am also not a doctor so I encourage you to seek medical help for physical ailments. I also can in no way, shape or form tell you what to do. I can advise you, but ultimately you have the free will that was given to you as your divine birthright.
I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and I thank you in advance for trusting me with your reading. I pray that they brings you clarity, peace, joy and healing.
Services: Intuitive Messages, Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Pendulum Readings, Mediumship, Spiritual Baths, Yoni Steams and
Dressed Candles
Prices: $25 15 mins $40 30mins $80 1hour +10 for Mediumship +$5 for Recording 
Other services upon request.
Youtube: Adjessi Majesty Tarot
Instagram: @Adjessimajesty


We have been called many names!
Metaphysical, New Age, Gift Shop, Hippie, Earthy, Tree-Hugger, Spiritual, Goddess, Celtic, Pagan, Witch, Wicca, Wise Women,

just to name a few...
Native Americans, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Pagans, Hinduists, and  Celts... all use affirmations, prayers, rituals and magic in their daily pratices. Imagine a connection (similar to a web) through invisible threads, all of which are connected with each other. Any wind, or any vibration on that web, will make waves that will influence the whole. This is how the Spirit works, and this is the magical tradition behind all religions. The Spirit is very powerful.

Sticks and Stones respects every person's own spiritual path

and invites you to share and learn with us. 

...No matter what you call us, if you intend no harm

you are welcome in our circle.

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