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Has any one else noticed the immensity of power before and after this last full moon?

I think it it is incredibly jazzy that lately all my magical peeples have set on turbo. Pushed into the hyber-drive all of us have inclinations toward exploring. This means learninng more about divination, synchronicity with the earth, the Creator and Creatrix, and the structured art of taking control of our fates.

I have these super dream-epiphany deals that further my path to the next level. So a week and a half ago I approached this tower made of leather bound books of ancient wisdom. I climbed the Tower("tower" hello) and met with a brother/sister keeper of knowledge team. The message was about bilocation and aborigines and their spirituality. It was amazing!

So pay attention now is our time. I am off to the pool.

Much respect Magicals!

Darren Bu Care

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