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The Goddess Tree Grows


Oak in the forest towers with might,
In the fire brings the Gods in sight.


Seventh month of the Celtic Tree calendar, June 10th - July 7th
Seventh consonant of the Ogham alphabet - Duir

Planet: Jupiter and Mars
Element: Water
Symbolism: Sovereignty, rulership, power,
Strength & Endurance, Generosity & Protection, Justice & Nobility, Honesty & Bravery
Stone: Diamond, Aventuring
Metal: Gold
Birds: Oriole, Wren
Color: Gold
Deity: The Dagda, The Green Man, Janus, Diana, Cybele, Hecate, Pan
Sabbat: Summer Solstice (Litha)
Folk Names: Jove's Nuts, Juglans

Medicinal properties: The medicinal park of the Oak is its bark, because of the strong astringent properties. Internally as a tea it helps fight diarrhea and dysentery. Externally it can be used to treat hemorrhoids, inflamed gums, wounds, and eczema. The tannin found in oak can help reduce minor blistering by boiling a piece of the bark in a small amount of water until a strong solution is reached, and applying to the affected area. To cure frostbite, American folk medicine called for collecting oak leaves that had remained on the tree all through the winter. These leaves were boiled to obtain a solution in which the frostbitten extremities would soak for an hour each day for a week.

Magickal properties: Dreaming of resting under an oak tree means you will have a long life and wealth. Climbing the tree in your dream means a relative will have a hard time of it in the near future. Dreaming of a fallen oak means the loss of love. If you catch a falling oak leaf you shall have no colds all winter. If someone does get sick, warm the house with an oakwood fire to shoo away the illness. Carry an acorn against illnesses and pains, for immortality and youthfulness, and to increase fertility and sexual potency.
Carrying any piece of the oak draws good luck to you (remember to ask permission and show gratitude.)
King Arthur's round table was made from a single cross section of a large Oak.
It is tradition for the Litha fire to be oak wood representing the God, since this is the time of year when oak reaches its Zenith power.
The Oak trees essence helps boost energy levels and the ability to manifest our goals.
The tree's roots mirror its branches and stretch as far below ground as the branches do above..
Witches often danced beneath the Oak Tree for ritual.
The druids would not meet for ritual if there was not an Oak tree present.
Idols were made from Oak wood.

Oak twigs bound together with red thread into a solar cross or a pentagram will make a mighty protective talisman for the home, car, or in your desk or locker at work.

"Oaken twigs and strings of red
Deflect all harm, gossip and dread."

Garden Witchery by Ellen Dugan


The Acorn has long been associated with couples and love divination. Dropping two Acorns into the same bowl of water is said to predict the romantic future...should the Acorns float together, then the couple will marry...the reverse being the case should the Acorns drift apart. The Ancient Druids believed that to carry an Acorn at all times would ensure prevention from aging, a ritual said to be most successful for women.

The Acorn Fairy by Cicely Mary Barker

The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey
Oak Fairy

Oak is one of the most sacred trees, traditionally prized by the Celts and Druids. The oak fairy is very powerful, and imparts strength and endurance to any who stay within its aura.

Each oak tree is a very metropolis of fairies, and each acorn has its own sprite. Bringing one into the house is a way to enhance contact with the fairy realm. Oak beams are often used to make doors, but the tree itself is a great portal to the other realms.

The oak is associated with many gods all over the world, notably Zeus and Thor. In sacred groves of oak, the Goddess was believed to impart her wisdom through oracles. The oak has sheltered many a king and hero, in myth and real life. The oak spirit is distinct from fairies, and may become very angry if trees are felled or wildlife harmed.

The oak fairy brings courage and a stout heart, necessary to brave the challenges in this world and to journey in the Otherworld. Bearing strength from the heart of the earth, oak fairy can bring steadiness and a deep joy that endures through all.


by Liz and Colin Murray

Every house has a front door.

If you wish to enter, the door must be approached and your presence made known. The door may then be opened. The very word "door" comes from the Gaelic and Sanskrit "duir" - a word for solidity, protection and the Oak tree. In the essential forest, the Oak is King. He stands mightily solid with great branches, matched only by still greater roots. He is often struck by lightning. The force of the strike and the heat bursts the sap and stem apart leaving the trunk gnarled and withered. Yet he still manages to survive, over the years, decades and centuries. His growth is slow but sure. His children grow into magnificent replicas of himself and he is a marker point, a cornerstone and a refuge in the forest.


Summer Solstice

The polarities have shifted from night to day, as Summer Solstice marks the outermost extension of energy and light. We stay up late, being outdoors, engaged in exercise and activities, and relishing the long, luxurious hours of daylight - often without consciously realizing that on this very day, the light once more begins to wane. Taoists say that any energy taken far enough in one direction turns into its opposite, as Yin and Yang dance their timeless exchange of essential energies. They rhythm on the planet Earth swings like a metronome between dark and light, like the cycle of a bleeding woman. If we think of Winter Solstice as representing menstruation, then Summer Solstice is like ovulation - when something creative is released into activity and expression in hopes of fertilization.

This is the night for a drumming and dancing ritual, outdoors under the stars, in total celebration of life's capacity to express itself. Perhaps you can watch the film, The Singing Revolution, depicting how Estonians liberated themselves from Soviet rule through song. Get your friends, family, or community and make some music together!
Vicki Noble (C) Mother Tongue Ink 2008, and We'Moon'09


Moon Phases for the month of Oak

Monday June 15, 2009 - Waning Half Moon in Pisces
Monday June 22, 2009 - New Moon in Cancer
Monday June 29, 2009 - Waxing Half Moon in Libra
Tuesday July 7, 2009 - Full Moon in Capricorn

Celtic Moon Sign for Oak

Born under this sign, you have strength of character and purpose to endure, no matter what your challenges. Direct your energies wisely.
Oak... The Robust, Courageous, strong, unrelenting, independent, sensible, does not love changes, keeps its feet on the ground, person of action.
Growth and fertility spells work best at this time of the year. Focus on building and consolidation your wisdom, endurance and security.

The oak tree endures what others cannot. It remains strong through challenges, and is known for being almost immortal, as is often attested to by its long life and ability to survive fire, lightning strikes, and devastation. If you were born under this sign, you have the strength of character and purpose to endure, too - no matter what your challenges. Direct your energies wisely, make sure your your risks are well-calculated, and you'll overcome whatever seemingly "impossible" quests are sent to you.
Written by Kim Rogers-Gallagher, and Llewellyn's Witches' Datebook 2000

The Oak moon falls during a time when the trees are beginning to reach their full blooming stages. The mighty Oak is strong, powerful, and typically towering over all of its neighbors. The Oak King rules over the summer months, and this tree was sacred to the Druids. The Celts called this month Duir, which some scholars believe to mean "door", the root word of "Druid". The Oak is connected with spells for protection and strength, fertility, money and success, and good fortune. Carry an acorn in your pocket when you go to an interview or business meeting; it will be bring you good luck. If you catch a falling Oak leaf before it hits the ground, you'll stay healthy the following year.
Growth and fertility spells work best at this time of the year. Focus on building and consolidation your wisdom, endurance and security.


Moon Mother of Oak
by Katherine Torres, Ph.D., 1998

The Oak tree is considered the most powerful and most sacred of the trees to the Celtic peoples. It holds the true alignment of balance, purpose and strength. In the cycle of the year, the Moon of Oak also poses the essence of power and balance. In truth, She is androgynous. Being integrated, this moon essence provides the greatest alignment for manifesting our goal.

Oak Mother's Celtic name is Duir. It means door and is derived from the word Druid or Druidess, the Celtic person who has mastered memory, intuition, healing, knowing and magic.

The Oak Mother provides the essence of assuredness, love, and care for her offspring. She is pro-nurturing and calls you to understand how you use this energy at the time when you have given birth to your potential. Like the mother who has just delivered her child to the world, you are called to watch the growth, care for the needs of your child, and love the child no matter what course s/he has to walk to develop, mature, and express in whole-ness. Let this be so as you nurture your goal in the world.

Look about you during this month. What creative aspects of yourself have you birthed? Are you nurturing them? And are you integrating your potential into all aspects of yourself: spiritually, mentally, physically, through your ego, by listening to the voice of your soul? Use a journal to express the answers to these questions. If you find that you are not doing anything, then ask yourself what you want to birth, how you will nurture your creativity and integrate it into all of your aspects? Be strong, wise and willing.

Doors of opportunity are here and now in your world. Duir, Moon Mother of Oak, provides you with the strength to open the doors and utilize the openings to step into the experiences that will bring fulfillment, purpose, and your creative pleasure. As you look at the doors before you, adjust any energy that would stop you from walking through those doors without your strength and purpose. This is your opportunity to use the Universal energies present in the world to bring you to the moment of balance and direction for manifesting your heart's desires.

The people you meet during this month will be supportive. But are they supporting your empowerment or are they supporting your old patterns? Notice how they assist you. Do you feel they help you in the way you need? If so, give gratitude. If not, tell the truth and let them know what you really require, for in that way they can give useful assistance. Oak Moon Mother provides you with the strength to tell the truth, live in your personal power, and share life with others through that strength of your genuine self.

Through the essence of your genuine self, you will also assist others without the need to "make them" what they "should" be. You will simply be able to listen, communicate, and express your care and encouragement as they manifest their potential. It is important that you honor their position of creative expression. In that way, the true empowerment of appreciation occurs in all peoples, and the knowing that we all are here for the purpose to help each other can occur.

The gift of Oak Moon Mother is that of revealing the talents of each child of the Universe and having them share their talents so not a single person is burdened, not a single person is without.

Oak Moon Mother provides great affluence as she reigns in our night sky. She provides abundance, strength, empowerment, nurturing, companionship and rewards. She presents the world with the essence of fertility, the power to manifest, and the capacity to create the world that one needs for success. She provides the essence of balance: work and play, action and rest, speaking and silence.

What do you need at this time? Let The Oak Moon Mother assist you in manifesting exactly what you need. The time for realizing your potential is now.

A Crone Stone
reading from Gwendolyn,

The Seeker

In this stone I see a path going past a tree, into the horizon

"Not all those who wander are lost" - Change your routine once, and maybe take a walk....don't plan on going anywhere, just walk. Think about the journey, and how it feels to not know where you will end up. Notice what gifts you receive and appreciate that you would not have had this experience if you decided to keep to your normal routine.


I honor the energy of oak, the doorway to the mysteries.
I will call upon the strength of the Horned One when I feel in need of protection.
So mote it be


Pray Peace

This letter is a labor of love, from Gwendolyn
Permission to share freely, please in its entirety, with links and credits
Feel free to contact me:


from Moon Bee Acres

There is a branch for you to sit upon with a beautiful view.
Climb up into her arms, and stay for a spell.
Feel her roots, her bark, her branches, her leaves.
She is shade, shelter, a home, a hide-away.
She is an escape.
She rocks you to sleep in your hammock.
She holds up your birdfeeder, your wind chimes, and your decorations.
She embraces anyone who loves to climb.
In the spring she offers life, and in the fall she gives her own.
She does not judge.
She just is.


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Comment by Gwendolyn on June 18, 2009 at 12:18am
Thank you sis! Your kind words encourage me, and lift me up.

I know many who have tree allergies - (lol Marty Feldman) - especially during the spring months... be careful and admire them from afar as they know you even if only in meditation.

YAY for acorns!

Comment by Fullmoonfairy on June 13, 2009 at 11:33pm
Again, I had no idea of the medicinal properties of the mighty oak. I am unfortunately allergic to Oaks. My eyes swell up and I look like Marty Feldman!! I have used the oak many times in magickal workings even though I knew it would make me somewhat ill! As always the fairy bible is fantatastic and I didn't know that one lives in each acorn! That just proves the power of the oak!
Hubby is born in this time frame also, infact his birthday is tomorrow the 14th!

Thanks sister for another educational and magickal learning experience! I am much smarter these days because of you!! :-)

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