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Your Geomantic Forecast, 8/26 through 9/2

Hey all!  Hope this past week went well for you!  I didn't have a chance to get this posted earlier since I forgot my laptop, but here's your weekly forecast for August 26 through September 2!  The Mothers for this week were the Boy, Joy, Gain, and Prison, which show that:

Overall:  It's a slow start this week with some delays, but things will start to turn up and turn fast.  Expect good times and advancements this week.  Things will be especially helpful at the workplace or in the public eye, so use this to your advantage.  Money matters may come into the forefront this week, so keep that in mind and spend a little extra time dwelling and planning things out, even though things look good; this will pay off later!  Lots of fun and excitement are in store, but don't get yourself in too deep.  The world will generally be pleasant, with lots of mental activity; the back to school season is here!

Finances and Stuff: Money matters are going fine, probably with good increase and smartness to help guide your pen, checkbook, and credit cards.  Take a little extra time with speculative ventures, especially if you gamble, since you may be a bit too enthusiastic and pile in too much into speculative ventures.  Even if you think you've got it all made, get a second opinion and try to ground out some of that enthusiastic hot air!  Work matters will help you out with any issues you may have, and things will generally proceed well so long as you can work with people to get things done.

Local and Home: Lots of people are coming together from near and far, not to mention the tumble of getting everyone settled in!  Home matters might be put on hold, but could just as easily dominate one to the point of not having anything else to do.  Try to focus on housework and homework before turning the mind to other matters, since this could very well be the chain that keeps you from getting out.

Fun, Love, and Luxury: Lots of people are coming into your life, and you may find yourself doing a lot with a lot of people that won't add up to much.  Relax and take it easy, and go with the flow.  You may have a new friend or colleague introduced to you this week.  Your mind is firmly set on partying, either with getting back to school or sending the kids off, so feel free to indulge if you can keep your enthusiasm to cut loose in check!  New parties and groups of people are a good idea right now, so get out and make yourself known.

Health: Any current problems, especially in the head or mind, should be lessened or cleared up this week.  Don't forget to relax, lest you wind up with neck or shoulder problems!

Weather: Generally good and fair weather, though things may turn sour later in the week.  (Don't mind the rainstorms today, of course.)

Learning and Spirituality: Expect lots of gains in learning, especially for the college students out there.  All kinds of learning are favored by anything this week, from the cold and mathematical to the lofty and philosophical.  Get settled in and dig into those books!

If you've got any questions, feel free to let me know, or feel free to let me know how the week actually goes for you in the comments!  If you're interested in geomancy or getting a reading, come visit me at Sticks and Stones on Sunday afternoons, when I do readings for the local community and anyone who stops by.  I'm also open for appointments, too, most days of the week.  Keep an eye out for upcoming geomancy classes at the end of September, too!

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